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When thinking of mental health it’s important to understand that the mental wellness of a company’s staff is inextricably linked to the wellness of the company as a whole. A good company will be aware that the tolls of gainful employment affect us all, and can amplify or even trigger mental health issues with your staff. At Mental Health First Aid we provide Northern Ireland inclusive of Belfast with a variety of different mental health training courses, from our first aid courses which help to quickly identify, and work with your employees to help minimise any harm to them.

Throughout our training courses we use a humanistic approach to help discuss what is often a delicate subject. Everyone has been, will be, or knows somebody who is affected by mental health issues. We believe how you approach these issues are one of the most important aspects of a well thought out mental health strategy and will not only help your business, but most importantly will help those afflicted by such issues within your company. We’re sure just like ourselves you look at our company as a big family, so we’ll help you fulfil the supportive needs of a company that is concerned with the mental health and wellness of its staff.

One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives. While mental health problems are common, most are mild, tend to be short-term and are normally successfully treated, with medication, by a GP.

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This ½-Day course is aimed at providing learners with the knowledge to identify suspected mental health conditions and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost the person towards professional…

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1 Day Course

This 1-Day course covers the content of the Level 1 course (A ½-Day course aimed at providing learners with the knowledge to identify suspected mental health conditions and the skills to start a conversation…

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2 Day Course

his 12-hour qualification provides learners with the knowledge to recognise a wide range of mental health conditions and learn about the support/therapy provided by professional healthcare providers…

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The most common mental health conditions are depression and anxiety.  Often these are caused by reaction to a difficult life event, such as bereavement, but they can also be caused by work-related issues. Both of these conditions can be incredibly hard to deal with for anyone at the best of times. It’s hard dealing with the negative feelings they create especially when they even translate into physical symptoms. So you can understand how horrible it must be for a member of your staff to experience such mental health issues, this is where our first aid training courses come in.

Work can also heighten pre-existing conditions, and problems at work can trigger symptoms of mental ill-health or make their effects worse. Whether work is the source of the health issue or is aggravating it, employers have a legal responsibility to help their employees. Work-related mental health issues must to be assessed to measure the levels of risk to staff.  Where a risk is identified, steps must be taken to remove it or reduce it as far as reasonably practicable our training courses will help you identify these risks.

Following your organisation’s mental health first aid needs assessment; you may decide that it will be beneficial to have in-house personnel who are specially trained to identify and understand symptoms of mental ill-health and be able to support a colleague who may be require mental health first aid. Our training courses can help that person assume that role to the best of their potential.

Organisations should consider ways to manage mental ill-health in the workplace which are appropriate for their business, such as providing information or training for managers and employees, employing occupational health professionals, appointing mental health trained first aiders and implementing employee support programmes.

Our Mental Health First Aid training courses teach delegates how to recognise signs of mental ill-health and equip them to develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone, while keeping themselves safe.

So if you’re looking to become the kind of employer that their staff can trust with their mental health issues, and can help respectfully, while raising awareness we can help. Feel free to give us a call on 07841 729 098 to see how our training courses could help.


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